Dipartimento Computer Science 1

Activities at SEL Dip. CS-1 include software development and testing, materials development, experiments.






base/test/perf/nc test

Booting CapROS test.

Booting CapROS test.

CapROS test, hello world.

CapROS 'hello-large' tutorial.

Coyotos test, hello world.

Coyotos 'hello world' test.


To retain the freedom to make incompatible changes in the software in light of experience, we do not seek outside users at present. Distribution of this material is not a promise of a future SEL product, but rather is a reference material for our own use and a cheap attempt to convey some of the lessons learned in our experiments.


Etherframe is a small program that count ethernet frames and display statistics. See the etherframe project page.


Libsprite is a library of low-level sprite functions. It provides the fundamentals. Can be used as-is, or more sophisticated sprite code can be built on it. See the libsprite project page.

Computer Experiments

Wire tap for serial protocol analyzer.

Wire tap for serial protocol analyzer.

Wire tap


Tester autocostruito

Past Experiments

Setting up FreeDOS for EROS partition recognition

Sharing EROS cross-compilers from a diskless server

Participation to the Folding@Home project

The 12 january 2005 the SEL has contributed his First Work Unit and continues to contribute work units to the Folding@Home Distributed Computing Project of the Stanford University with 3 machines running Fedora Core 2 and the Folding@Home software.


You can see the page reporting SEL team statistics

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