Electric Power Problems

Reduction of the voltage level for a brief duration. Represents the 87% of all disturbances. Presence of many electric devices on the same line. System crash with loss or corruption of data.
(power outage)
Complete interruption of energy supply. Lightnings, ice over lines, incidents, excavations, excessive demands to the energy network. Loss of work in progress stored in RAM. Possible loss of data stored on hard disk.
(transient, peak)
High increase of voltage for a duration of few microseconds. Lightning in proximity or when the energy supply is restored after a drop. Very severe damage to hardware. Loss of data.
SURGE Increase of voltage for a brief duration (for some seconds). Many high power electric motors on a single line (air conditioners, domestic appliances). When those motors are switched-off the voltage in excess is dissipated through the line. Damages due to premature wear of hardware.
NOISE Electromagnetic interference (EMI) or radio frequency interference (RFI). Load switching, radio transmitters, industrial machinery, and lightnings. General malfunction, system faults, program errors.

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